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Comment:"Honesty is best instantly"
Hobbies:Hiking,art,music,video games,geocacheing
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"All Foxes Are":ADORBLE!!!!
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^u^ alright i'm a guy that loves all forms of art, be it music, crafting. paniting, drawing, or photo, i'm very into reading once and awhile i have a few good author's on my mind as of late.

I like to chill and relax alot for the free time i have is very open >.<. I like playing video games as a hobbie i love them, played everything from the atrai to the Vita <--- (yes that's 100% all systems from ALL consoles ^.^) i never let the newest system get outta my reach.

I am a electronica geek i love hardstyle,dubstep i love it all when i'm in the mood i'll dance for hours.

I do dabble in drawing at my expense, and create other things with painting or crafts or on SL..

i love playing magic the gathering, pokemon TCG, .hack// Warhammer, and many other table top games.

i love the outdoors, i love to enjoy a good walk on days that are nice hike into the woods or just around and enjoy the day with good friends.

So, that's about enough info on me want to know more toss me a message i won't bite only if asked to then again i'll just nibble ;3

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