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Name:Umbra Vulpes (View This User's Blog)
Location:Bradford, Pa, USA
Comment:"Honesty is best instantly"
Hobbies:Hiking,art,music,video games,geocacheing
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"All Foxes Are":ADORBLE!!!!
Sexual Orientation:Straight
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^u^ alright i'm a guy that loves all forms of art, be it music, crafting. paniting, drawing, or photo, i'm very into reading once and awhile i have a few good author's on my mind as of late.

I like to chill and relax alot for the free time i have is very open. I like playing video games as a hobbie i love them, played everything from the atrai to the Vita

I am a electronica geek i love hardstyle,dubstep i love it all when i'm in the mood i'll dance for hours.

I do dabble in drawing at my expense, and create other things with painting or crafts or on SL..

i love playing magic the gathering, pokemon TCG, .hack// Warhammer, and many other table top games.

i love the outdoors, i love to enjoy a good walk on days that are nice hike into the woods or just around and enjoy the day with good friends.

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