Name:Quanmer (View This User's Blog)
Location:New Castle, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Comment:"The crazy, derpy, cute fox !"
Hobbies:hiking, camping, Second Life, You Tube, ask me !
Species:Fennec Fox / Shape Shifter, My fursuit is a folf ( Fox / Wolf )
Occupation:United States Federal Civilian Service Government Employee
"All Foxes Are":Cool !
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Social Networks:

At first, you will find, perhaps, that I am rather shy and quiet. However, once I warm up I can be random, and silly, but when it is needed I will have a serious conversation and be a friend when you need it most!
Need more information? Stop reading and send me a message !
I love meeting new friends !
Also, I have to add that I'm also a Christian Furry who will show friendly love to anyone without condition and will not force what I believe on anyone as that is not the right thing to do !

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