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Name:Aiden (View This User's Blog)
Location:Butler, PA
Comment:"Once a furry Always a furry"
Hobbies:Hunting, fishing, Fursuiting, racing
Occupation:Student and apprentice in Machining
"All Foxes Are":Friendly
Sexual Orientation:Straight
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Hello fellow Furries!
I've just been recently added to the fandom of "furries" and I plan to keep this fandom. I hunt, fish, basically everything a non-furry would do, but thats the thing, I'm usually not in a crowd of people and have few and far friends. So whats better to use my social skills with being overly weird? Being a furry! I am straight, so don't call me of a different orientation because I am NOT! I love to have fun! I plan to make my furry fandom a fun, and wacky filled one too!

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