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Name:Antnommer (View This User's Blog)
Location:Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Hobbies:bugs, photography, game development, game design, programming, video games, writing, reading
Species:Giant anteater
Occupation:Frontend Web Developer
"All Foxes Are":in the family Canidae
Sexual Orientation:Pansexual
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I'm a frontend web developer for an advertising agency, and an indie game developer in my spare time. I often go to furmeets with my camera, and take photos of the fursuiters, some of which you can see on my FurAffinity page and my Weasyl page. I'm passionate about entomology, and take regular trips into the wilderness to take pictures of bugs and other critters. I also love terrible movies! I like chatting with new people, so feel free to send me an IM! :3

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