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Name:StarCandy Creations (View This User's Blog)
Location:Williamsport, Pa area
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Hobbies:horseback riding, shooting guns, drawing, painting, making fursuits
Species:Wolf (Loki) - retired, Aussie heeler mutt (Banjo), Doberman (Vera), Dutch Angel Dragon (Pocket), Dutch Angel Dragon (Totem)
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Sexual Orientation:Straight
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Fursuit database #2122 & #4573 that's me! :3
Fur Affinity: StarCandy_Creations
Facebook me! Banjo N Pocket
follow me on Twitter! @Pocket_Dutch_AD
Skype Banjo Heeler

Made my own fursuit a few years back and seriously surprised myself at how well it turned out, especially as to the fact I was clueless on making one. as a self-taught fursuit maker, i have since challenged myself to improve. i have made 10 fursuits to date. they can all be found on the fursuit database. Also, I have been drawing for years. I enjoy drawing my fursonas.

Even though I am a HUGE tomboy, I am happily "mated" & couldn't ask for a better boyfriend.
Always interested in making new fur friends.

*****check out my new furry YouTube channel "StarCandy Creations"***************

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