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Name:Zena (View This User's Blog)
Location:Allentown, PA
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Hobbies:Gaming, suiting, drawing, music
Species:GShep/wolf/cat/lion hybrid
Occupation:Full time job
"All Foxes Are":Foxes.
Sexual Orientation:I hate labels
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Hi, I'm from Eastern pa. Been in the fandom for years but only recently started being active. I am adventurous, spontaneous, kind heated, kinda shy til I know you.

I love the divergent movies and want to be dauntless for that is my weakest of those 5 traits.

I like to have fun, I don't have many friends mainly because I am scared to talk to people especially real life wise.

I'm one of the kindest people you'll ever meet and my personality is very much a dog type.

Get to know me, you won't regret it.

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